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Most frequent questions and answers

We each lose at least 100 hairs a day and only some of us can grow them back. At the Hairline, we can help you choose the right hair replacement solution that fits your needs. We will replace your hair so naturally that you’ll forget you ever lost it.

The secret is in the way we select the replacement hair. We make absolutely certain that the replacement hair we select for you matches the hair you have – in order, in texture, in growth pattern, in density. The only difference between our replacement hair and your own is, that only you will know.

A wide range of methods have entered the marketplace in recent years. The Hairline offers only the most satisfactory of these methods. Our professional staff will help you to find the best hair replacement process to fit your needs and lifestyle. We make sure that your hair replacement looks natural and seamlessly blend in with the hair you have now.

After you choose a hair replacement method, you can simply go home and relax while our professionals make all the necessary preparations. Approximately 4 weeks later you will return to our office for your new look.

No, because it is not a surgical process. It will not cause you pain or discomfort.

It varies from person to person. We will be able to give you an estimate upon meeting with you and seeing your specific hair replacement needs. We can say that our customers have always found our prices to be well within their means. Our methods of hair replacement are considerably less than what is charged by our nationally advertised competitors – as much as 1/3 less.

It is indeed. After an initial deposit, the balance is due only upon your satisfaction. We guarantee our hair replacement for a full year (12 month).

Call The Hairline now for a consultation at (203) 226-7478. It will cost you nothing and you will be under no obligation to go any further if you so decide.

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