Hair Replacement for Men

Procedures for Pattern Baldness

If hair loss has started to affect your appearance, your self-esteem may have been affected. The solution to your problems may be to find the Fairfield County hair restoration clinic with an experienced staff to help you. Here at The Hairline Inc., we have spent the past 30+ years in business exploring and studying various types of hair restoration procedures. Throughout the process, we have found the most ideal and effective forms of non-surgical hair replacement treatments to provide you.

A few of the common causes of men's hair loss include:

  • Medical treatments
  • Natural symptom of aging
  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Trichotillomania

The options for hair replacement have improved dramatically throughout the years, and we have followed these advances in technology. Whether you would like to undergo one of our non-invasvie procedures or you are interested in a men's wig or human hair piece, we want to hear from you. If you are interested in our services, contact us at (203) 226-7478 to make an appointment!

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