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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the most efficient way to add volume and length to your hair. There are various ways of attaching extensions and having provided this service for over 30 years, we feel we are the best qualified to assist you. When you come into our office we will examine the alternatives we deem to be the best and choose what is most suitable and affordable for you. Our extensions are top quality human hair that behaves just like your own. This means that there will be no matting or tangling and the hair extensions will match your own in color, texture, and density. You can continue whatever method you use now to style your hair. Whether you are using a blow dryer, curling, or flat iron, in no time you will forget that it is not your own hair. We offer a variety of options for temporary or permanent wear. Our clip-in hair extensions easily integrate into your own existing hair giving you a natural layered look. You can go to work in the morning with short hair and go out for a glamorous evening with long flowing locks.

Westport Hair Extensions

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