Five Things You Need to Know

Important Facts About Hair Restoration

You may be faced with a wide range of questions when you are considering investing in Fairfield County hair restoration. Thankfully, at The Hairline Inc. we have 30+ years of experience in the industry to be able to provide you with the information you are looking for.

The following items are important facts you should know:

  • Typically, every person loses approximately 100+ hairs a day. Unfortunately, only some people can grow these hairs back.
  • We offer the most satisfactory method available. Our professional staff customize our solution to fit your unique needs.
  • Our procedures are not painful or uncomfortable because we use a non-surgical hair replacement process.
  • We aim to make sure your hair replacement looks natural and blends in with your hair. We select products and techniques that match your existing hair.
  • The cost of our services depends on your specific needs. This is information we can offer during your consultation.

No matter what has caused your hair loss, you can rest assured that our staff can assist you. We provide customized solutions that match your particular needs. In addition to our procedures, we also offer solutions such as hair extensions and wigs. If you have any questions regarding our process takes or guarantee, please give us a call at (203) 226-7478!

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