What is Telogen Effluvium?

Telogen effluvium is one of the most common forms of hair loss and occurs when the number of hair-producing follicles drops. This condition typically appears as a diffuse thinning of hair on the scalp, particularly the hair on the top of the scalp. Though people who experience telogen effluvium will never completely lose all their scalp hair, the hair can be noticeably thin in severe cases. There are many factors that can trigger telogen effluvium, but the two most common factors are stress and a poor diet.

The good news about telogen effluvium is that complete remission is possible in time so long as stressful and traumatic events are avoided or mitigated. In the meantime, there are numerous non-surgical hair replacement solutions in Westport that can help you feel more confident in your appearance. Human hair wigs and clip-in hair extensions are just a few of the non-surgical options for men and women suffering from thinning hair due to telogen effluvium.

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