Get the Facts about Hair Loss [INFOGRAPHIC]

Oftentimes, hair loss is thought of as something that only happens to men. In reality, millions of women experience hair loss as well. From male pattern baldness to alopecia areata, a long list of conditions can trigger excessive hair shedding in both sexes. For men and women alike, losing hair is often traumatic. Hair loss can dramatically affect your appearance and leave you struggling with self-esteem issues. The good news is that help is available, and it doesn’t have to involve surgery. Find out more about hair loss and hair replacement in this infographic from The Hairline, Inc. We offer a range of hair replacement options for men and women, including hair extensions and wigs. Contact us if you have thinning hair in Westport and want to know what your options are. Hair loss affects millions of people across the U.S., so please consider sharing this information and helping others coping with the same issues.

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