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January, 2005

The Hairline, Inc. was founded over 25 years ago by Joel Halpern. Since then, this Weston based company has been satisfying both male and female clients throughout Fairfield county by using the most up to date technology while providing complete privacy and sensitivity.

According to Joel, “hair loss affects nearly 80 million people. While genetics is often the primary reason, hormonal shifts may also accelerate hair loss. Baldness can be passed down through either side of the family and can also skip generations. A less known fact, is that millions of women experience some sort of hair loss. This can be caused by alopecia (a form of hair thinning) or hormonal shifts due to pregnancy, stress, or menopause.

At The Hairline, we understand that each of our clients has their own individual anxieties about alopecia and the options available to them. Their major concern is what others may think if they have their hair restored. The truth is, no one will notice. Friends and family will be happy that you look and feel so much better about yourself.”

The Hairline makes all efforts to assure that the replacement hair matches your own. Advanced techniques and the best restoration methods available, provide you with the non-surgical solutions that help you attain the appearance you desire.

The staff of The Hairline prides itself on its professionalism, caring nature, and the comfort afforded to their clients. In personal consultations, all of the various alternatives are explained, recommendations are made, and clients choose what best suits them. Joel sums it up by saying, “Our Company is about replacing more than hair. It is about restoring confidence, dignity, and beauty. It is about liberating them from worry and restoring their spirits.

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